5 Years of Davis & Floyd’s Studio Planscape™

Beginning in 2019, Davis & Floyd established D|F Planscape™ with the goal of having landscape architects dedicated to creating sustainable spaces integrated with modern designs while protecting the surrounding environment.

Five years later, our studio has grown with a talented team led by Ryan Hertzfeld, PLA.

Landscape architecture has been part of Davis & Floyd for several years. Before Planscape™, the sector supported civil engineering at the firm.

However, Stephen Davis, chairman and CEO at Davis & Floyd, wanted landscape architecture to become more standalone due to the wide capabilities and complexities of the discipline.

“Davis & Floyd has worked on unique conservation projects and pioneered in the renaissance of the new urbanism,” says Stephen. “We took that experience and passion and unleashed that in D|F Studio Planscape™.”

The landscape architects took on that passion with the wide skillset needed when they work on projects.

“Every time we look at the planning process, sustainability is always at the core of what we do,” says Ryan. “It’s our job to understand that as a project goes through its lifespan, the product needs quality. That impacts several things, such as maintenance, use of economical and sustainable products that are sensitive to today’s environmental situation, etc.”

Another layer of the already complex tasks is creating modern, yet timeless designs.

“From modern design, trends always change,” he comments. “The team has to stay pliable to the current situation while looking to the future of design.”

Our studio’s projects range from parks & recreation to community developments.

A prime example of this is Kitson Mill, a 20.57-acre site being developed as mixed-use. Our team members found it to be the ideal project, starting with bubble diagrams to finalizing the master plan. Soon, their design will begin construction and come to life.

“Having a set studio allows our team to go after work each person is passionate about,” shares Danielle Valdés-Ketchem, land planner at Davis & Floyd. “While I am personally more interested in pedestrian-scaled spaces to address flooding issues, someone else is passionate about green walls and parks & recreation.”

“We inform each other about things to go after and we support each other for things that interest us,” she continues. “The passion each of us has results in unique quality.”

Other Planscape™ projects include Folly Beach Pedestrian Path, Fort Fair Lawn, Camden Battlefield & Longleaf Preserve Master Plan, Palmetto Tennis Center, Oak Terrace Preserve, and more. To learn more about Planscape™ projects, click here.

Though small at first, our studio has truly come into its own. Our team looks forward to the next five years with the hopes of continuing growth and opportunity.

“We used to depend on other disciplines, but now we have a grasp of our skills and found our groove on projects,” comments Emma Strong, also a land planner at the firm.

“We’re scratching the surface of the studio’s capability. As we find how we fit into other markets, we will grow,” shares Ryan. “The best thing about Planscape™ is it started as one person’s dream. Now, it’s grown into a collective dream.”