Wesley Commons had a vision for a new health and rehabilitation center focused on hospitality, centering their residents’ overall wellness in the facility’s design. The new facility would serve as Wesley Commons’ flagship care center and would affirm the company’s commitment to its mission: to enrich its residents’ lives by providing innovative opportunities in accord with Christian principles.

Wesley Commons selected Davis & Floyd and LS3P Architects to construct a plan out of that vision. Together, our firms designed a facility that could accommodate the center’s medical care team, while also unifying the residents’ mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

The new, modern facility — designed by Davis & Floyd and LS3P architects — provides 81 beds to Wesley Commons’ residents in a 52,000 SF, single-story healthcare center. Four separate wings make up the building, which house the therapy center, multiple common spaces, family visitation areas, dining rooms, administrative offices, and commercial kitchen.

The grounds surrounding the center feature a lush healing garden, where residents can enjoy fresh air in a safe, walkable courtyard and two pickleball courts, allowing residents to socialize and exercise outdoors. The new Health and Rehabilitation Center teems with vibrance and the facility confirms Wesley Commons’ sustained promise of a high-quality life for the community it serves.

Davis & Floyd surveyed the land, designed the site layout, improved roadway access, planned the landscape, secured permitting, and coordinated utility relocations for this project. Our team surveyed the topography and boundaries for the entire 13-acre site and approximately 1,200’ of connective roadway. Using this data, our team of civil site engineers designed the layout for the facility’s grounds including the staff parking lot, two stormwater detention ponds, site-segmented retaining wall, and site- integrated fire lane, providing fire truck access to all parts of the facility.

Davis & Floyd planned the site’s pickleball courts, integrating them onto an existing, demolished storage and laydown area. We designed the layout for the Central Healing Garden, planning the landscape’s vegetation and designing the courtyard with hardscape, decorative stone, landscape, and irrigation. We worked to beautify the facility’s existing features, planning attractive landscape beds and undulating grade around a prominently located detention basin.

Additionally, we designed the roadway to connect the main campus of Wesley Commons with US 221/25, improving accessibility to the care center for guests, staff, and residents. We designed the foundation, framing, and roof truss structure for the building. Ensuring compliance with local fire-code requirements, our team designed multiple structurally independent 3-hour fire walls in accordance with legal guidelines.

In order to facilitate seamless communication among multiple design teams, our structural engineers developed and shared a 3D Revit model of the project, updated daily to communicate changing development as construction was underway. This model allowed us to do what we do best: to “pass the torch” among our in-house disciplines — from survey staff to our civil and landscape team, from structural engineering to transportation engineering — we work best when we pick up where others left off and integrate ourselves smoothly among departments and into the work of other contractors. This coordination and cooperation made the extraordinary success at Wesley Commons’ new Health and Rehabilitation center possible.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Roadway/Intersection Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Survey