Davis & Floyd has been working with Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority since its inception over 29 years ago. We have provided environmental planning, groundwater and methane monitoring, procurement for truck scales, landfill permitting and design, and the permitting and design for a material processing facility.

Davis & Floyd developed a site-specific Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for Three Rivers and has audited the SW3P on several occasions to ensure that the Plan is in compliance. Our team continues to provide routine groundwater, stormwater, and leachate monitoring. We routinely prepare and certify semi-annual groundwater and methane monitoring reports for Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority. Davis & Floyd assisted with the procurement for the replacement of the truck scales by providing specifications and bid documents. The replacement of the truck scales had to be completed without interrupting daily operations. We completed the permitting process for the expansion of what was the seventh largest subtitle D (Class III) landfill in the country. The plan modification redesigned the side slopes, which generated a net increase of capacity that exceeds 25% and extends the landfill life expectancy out to more than 90 years (~$120,000 fee). We provided solid waste permitting and design assistance for the construction and installation of material processing equipment in a 20,000 SF recycling building. The recycling process involved the modification of cellulose materials so it could be burned as a fuel. Davis & Floyd modified the process flow diagrams and plans, and, after modeling, submitted and obtained the required air permit.


  • Environmental Planning
  • Groundwater & Methane Monitoring
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Landfill Permitting & Design
  • Facility Design & Permitting