SCDOT Bridge Inspection & Evaluation

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) required implementation of a high-level bridge inspection program: bridge inspectors maintain the integrity of our infrastructure, ensure the safety of our roadways, and inspire the confidence of South Carolina drivers. SCDOT bridge inspectors are responsible for the regulation of 9,455 bridges, conducting regular inspections on varying intervals. Because these bridges come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes, they each necessitate a different set of inspection criteria. Honoring its commitment to the security of South Carolina’s road and bridge infrastructure, SCDOT enlisted consultants to assist with inspection of its entire list of bridge assets. Davis & Floyd, in association with Michael Baker International, was one of the firms selected for this purpose. By identifying defects and highlighting necessary repairs, Davis & Floyd ensures the safety of the traveling public and timely delivery of products and services throughout our state. Davis & Floyd is proud to promote the long and useful life of our state’s most integral infrastructure.

Davis & Floyd regularly inspects bridges in multiple SCDOT districts and our team prepares reports to document the existing conditions of these assets. The steps outlined in SCDOT’s Bridge Inspection Guidance Document guide our inspections: our team verifies the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) data from previous inspection reports, assesses the condition of bridge components, and documents current bridge conditions and quantities. When our team discovers defects, it recommends tailored solutions to repair them safely and prudently. When bridges are positioned over waterways, our inspectors develop stream and ground profiles to adequately track bridge scour conditions. After collection, our reports undergo a stringent internal review and quality control process, corroborating our findings and verifying that we are providing accurate and useful information to SCDOT.


  • Bridge Inspection
  • Structural Engineering
  • Traffic Control Coordination