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Saxe Gotha Industrial Park Phase II

Davis & Floyd generated several conceptual site layout plans for use in the development of a rough grading plan that would result in a graded site of approximately 23 acres. The rough grading was designed to facilitate the design and expedite the construction of an unknown industrial facility. The concepts were based on several sizes of facilities and were used to develop and produce a desirable and flexible industrial building site for the purpose of enhancing the marketability and end use of the site. This project was funded by a grant that had a tight deadline. The entire project, from conceptual design to construction completion, was accomplished in less than 7 months, almost a full 8 weeks before the deadline.


Our project manager walked the entire site prior to commencing survey to identify areas that may require special attention or unusual design considerations. Our team also provided topographic survey, coordinated pine tree harvest with the County prior to clearing, and relocated a road that provides access to two small cemeteries adjacent to the southern property line. The project also required designing and locating the detention basin along the wetlands buffer area, meeting state and local requirements, and incorporating abandoned railroad bed ballast in design. We used drone video, operated by one of our staff, every other week to monitor the construction progress. The videos allowed our team to look for problem areas by considering the entire site at once. The videos were also used to verify application for payment regarding percent complete by comparing the videoed areas with the design drawings.

Services Provided

  • Civil Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Inspections
  • Construction Administration
  • Surveying
  • Drone/Aerial Surveying & Photography