Located along Mauldin Road, this site was formerly industrial with Imhoff tanks, dosing tanks, and a complex network of active/abandoned pipes. ReWa coordinated with Davis & Floyd’s environmental group to remove hazardous materials, using responsible planning and sustainable practices.

Afterwards, our firm worked closely with LS3P to develop a site plan for the 18,000 SF Water Discovery Laboratory building while creating a functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We developed a plan, beginning with signage at Entrance A and extending down the main road. This involved extensive landscaping using a drought-tolerant plant palette for a uniform campus.

The master plan incorporated low water use, deer-resistant plants, and efficient irrigation. Water sensors and a smart irrigation controller operated rotor and drip zones for turf and planting beds.

We developed a 12’-tall, segmental-block retaining wall to accommodate changes in elevation and provide stability. We also designed a scenic walkway under Mauldin Road bridge along the Reedy River from the laboratory to the administration building.

The site planning included programming; planning for delivery and service vehicle access, parking, and handicap parking; conducting due diligence; and collaborating with LS3P and Britt, Peters and Associates to determine the laboratory’s position. We calculated all site plan, utility elevation, and stormwater management techniques to create a functional site that met all mandated requirements.

Our designs integrated an existing storm drain system into the new drainage plan, allowing for efficient water management and addressing stormwater quality and quantity requirements while reducing need for additional infrastructure.

Collaboration among ReWa , Davis & Floyd, and other partners transformed this once industrialized site into a beautiful campus that respected the natural environment.


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