Camp Hall Industrial Park, a roughly 4,000-acre business park adjacent to the Volvo Cars manufacturing campus in Berkeley County, combines traditional industrial tracts with amenities such as a park, amphitheater, and nature trails. Santee Cooper, the developer, commissioned us to perform topographic and boundary surveys of the 3,794-acre site. Due to dense vegetation and size of the property, we coordinated with Aerial Services, Inc. to provide aerial survey

Davis & Floyd used a topographic survey to identify and map elevation changes across the property. We identified man-made structures such as streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, etc. and constructed 10 permanent survey monuments spanning the property to ensure accuracy. D|F then set and surveyed targets for the aerial survey (performed by Aerial Services, Inc.) and utilized GPS and Virtual Reference Station to develop topography of the site. We compiled data taken from ground and aerial surveys to produce a topographic map. Lastly, we were tasked to complete boundary surveys once the topographic survey was completed.


  • Boundary Survey
  • Easement Survey
  • Topographic Survey