Davis & Floyd Sponsors Water Mission’s Walk for Water 2024

Not everyone has access to clean water as we do in the US. In fact, two billion people walk at least 3 miles every day to get water, but it is not always clean.

Water Mission, a Christian-based nonprofit, has hosted Walk for Water fundraising events across the US since 2006. Davis & Floyd team members recently participated in the North Charleston event with over 4,000 people contributing to this great cause.

Everyone arrived with many activities to enjoy before the race began, including a DJ, an African and steel drum band bubble making, food trucks and more.

While the main purpose of the event was to raise money, it also provided an opportunity for walkers to understand what those across the globe face every day.

Walkers grabbed buckets at the starting line in Riverfront Park, carrying them 1.5 miles to the Water Mission headquarters. Once there, everyone filled their gallon containers with dirty water to then carry back for a total of 3 miles walked—just as those do in developing countries.

The dirty water was then dumped into pools where one of the Water Mission’s filtration systems demonstrated how the dirty water is filtrated and cleaned. It is the same system the non-profit uses to help our global neighbors.

This year was the largest turnout for the event since starting 18 years ago, and there is no sign of slowing down. It is a reminder to not take our water for granted, whether to brush our teeth, wash our hands, or drink.

If you would like to help end the global water crisis, donate here.