Construction Engineering & Inspection Safety is Staple

At Davis & Floyd, we want to see our projects progress the entire way through from design to completion, delivered to client standards.

That is why our firm offers construction engineering & inspection (CEI) services in-house. Our team serves not only clients, but also contractors and engineers on the project.

“There are a lot of services that we provide to help clients and engineers when they can’t go out in the field,” says Mike Simpson, PE, PMP, associate and senior project manager for CEI at Davis & Floyd.

In this role, our team inspects the contractors’ work and compares what they do with the plans and specifications to check if things are built according to plan.

There is more that this team does than meets the eye.

“We can do Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections and special inspections for concrete,” continues Mike. “If you need someone to go out and look at things, we do that. We can go out to take the work off the engineers to help them with their time being stretched thin.”

Being on so many sites, our CEI members go above and beyond for maximum safety on site.

“Davis & Floyd has the foresight to cover all the safety requirements,” comments Jacob Everhart, PE, resident construction manager. “Our firm already requires us to wear the three basics of personal protective equipment (PPE): vest, steel-toed boots, and hard hats. We then adapt to construction safety plans and the contractor’s site plan.”

This can vary on gear, but will often include safety glasses, ear protection, and/or gloves. Our team’s safety does not stop there.

For every project, there are progress meetings where a safety topic is discussed at each one. Moreover, there is a department-wide quarterly safety meeting.

“Safety is second nature to us being in the field so often, but we still want to be sharp so nothing happens,” shares Mike.

Clients also have varying safety measures. For example, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is different from cities and counties. If you are on a SCDOT project, you will see message boards, flaggers, reflective clothes, long sleeves, and cones.

The biggest key item is being aware of the surroundings, such as where the heavier equipment and pinch points are. It is important to make eye contact with the heavy equipment operator before moving on a site. Our team members make every effort not to enter areas that are confined or hazardous, but if we must, we do so to the proper regulations and standards.

It is safe to say safety is an unspoken team member of Davis & Floyd’s CEI team.

“You try and look out for the best of everybody,” says Jacob. “We work to make sure everyone can go home at the end of the day.”