Charleston Office Hits One-Year Anniversary at The Quin

September 8, 2023, marks the first anniversary of our Davis & Floyd (D|F) Charleston branch’s move to The Quin building on Algonquin Road.

Last year was a big change for our D|F Charleston team, relocating from North Charleston to the Neck Area of the peninsula. But it was a change of excitement for local team members.

“Coming back to the office after COVID was hard on everyone,” says Lindsey Keziah, Associate, Senior Transportation Engineer, and Office Manager at the Charleston location. “Knowing you’re coming to work in a nice, brand-new environment made everyone eager to be back in the office.”

It was a drastic change from D|F’s last location where chances to build community internally were few and far between. Because the office was spread out across two buildings, each with two floors, it was difficult for team members to collaborate.

“We’re all a lot closer and interact more being on the same floor and in the same space,” comments Lindsey. “There’s more opportunity to meet and host after-hour events, but still have space to focus and get the work done.”

With all the care that went into the designs, the space was made for D|F. “We did questionnaires of what the team would like to see in the office,” she shares. “The designers also interviewed each department. Everyone felt heard.” She adds, “The new office offers better collaboration spaces and opportunities with the new layout, set up, technology, and conference rooms.”

Selection of the location centered around how we could best serve our clients. “We’re in a more central location among our clients in North Charleston, Charleston, and Mount Pleasant,” says Lindsey. “We also chose the space with the intent to grow in numbers. This is a place where we’re willing to grow, continue to recruit, and gain more talent.”

Our D|F Charleston office loves our new office space at The Quin and is excited to work there in the years to come.