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South Carolinians Love To Play Outside!

Residents of Six Mile Retirement Center enjoying the day at the Stamp Creek Access Area fishing pier

South Carolinians love to play outside! Over the years, Davis & Floyd has enjoyed working with Duke Energy to develop recreational areas so people have better access to South Carolina’s beautiful natural resources.

One rewarding project was the Stamp Creek Access Area Upgrade on Lake Keowee, which involved upgrading boat ramps and developing new recreational areas. We provided topographic survey (including underwater), civil and structural engineering, environmental permitting, landscaping, and construction site visits.

We designed upgrades to the boat ramp area with ADA-accessible facilities including courtesy docks, walkways, restroom, picnic site, and parking.

We also developed a remote recreational area with ADA-accessible amenities including picnic facilities, restroom, kiosk pad, and 500-square-foot timber pile fishing pier. Access to the fishing pier from the parking lot was challenging due to the steep topography. Therefore, we designed a 520-foot-long, ADA-accessible switchback path consisting of concrete walkways with hand rails, wooden ramps, and pedestrian bridge to easily and safely bring visitors down to the fishing pier.

Because we work where we live, we are good stewards of our resources and proud to see others in our communities enjoying our projects.

Come out and play!

ADA-accessible path to the Stamp Creek Access Area fishing pier