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New Pedestrian Paths Coming Soon To Folly Beach

Located just outside of Charleston, Folly Beach is a popular tourist location in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The Beach is known for its laid-back community atmosphere, great restaurants, and pristine beaches. As a result, the popular beaches attract countless people each year, with an influx during the summer months. Until recently, there was a lack of permanent pedestrian facilities throughout the area, especially along the residential side streets, creating a safety hazard and traffic build-up.

To solve this problem, the City of Folly Beach retained Davis & Floyd in March to develop conceptual designs for pedestrian paths. The project involves adding new pedestrian paths along 2nd Street East from East Indian Avenue to East Arctic Avenue and along East Hudson Avenue from Center Street to 5th Street East.

Davis & Floyd is passionate about making sure that the communities where our employees and neighbors work and play are safe. Our project team is currently working on providing engineering, landscape architecture, and design services for the City of Folly Beach in order to assure that everyone who visits the fun and beautiful beaches can get there safe and sound.

Current lack of pedestrian paths on Folly Beach