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Commemorative Branding Honors 65th Anniversary

Davis & Floyd is introducing commemorative branding to honor our 65th Anniversary! Both the commemorative logo and heritage mark distinctly highlight our having been in business for 65 memorable years. Our 65th Anniversary logo not only pays tribute to Davis & Floyd’s distinct history, but also highlights key elements of our firm’s mission:

“Our mission is to challenge our team to deliver sustainable solutions based on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and innovation to our clients.”

We strive to be the preeminent engineering firm in South Carolina. Since our inception in 1954, we have established four additional Davis & Floyd offices across the state, strategically expanding our physical presence throughout South Carolina to better serve our clients and communities in which we work and live. Here is a quick look at key dates highlighting Davis & Floyd’s growth over the past six and a half decades:

– 1954: Emmett I. Davis, Jr. and Phil Floyd co-found Davis & Floyd in Greenwood, SC
– 1962: Davis & Floyd opens an office in Charleston, SC
– 1990: Davis & Floyd opens an office in Columbia, SC
– 2001: Davis & Floyd opens an office in Greenville, SC
– 2009: Our Florence, SC, office opens

Davis & Floyd is grateful to our past and present clients, team members, and associates who have supported us in reaching this major milestone in our firm’s history. We are excited to celebrate our past, present, and future through various initiatives throughout 2019!